Monday, March 18, 2013

The Weirdness Exposed LOL!

    I was going to crop this picture so that you could see Sam and I better but you know what, leaving it the way it is tells so much more of this story!  I am betting that CTMH staff inside were taking photos of us taking photos.  That's how crazy we got with it!

    I'm sure they have people get giddy and take a few pics, but do they ever have two girls running and shrieking across the front lawn where they hug and snap picture after picture?  All over a building? LOL!  Actually maybe they do! I know Sam and I aren't the only ones who are in love with this company to that extent!

    So to take this photo I had to place my camera on a VERY unstable boulder right above this neat little pond/fountain they have out front of the sign.  Meanwhile thinking the entire time that I'm going to sacrifice my camera for this one photo! (Totally ok with that as long as the memory card saves the stinking picture! HAHAHA!)  So I set the 10 sec timer and bolt back over to my side of the sign and then we wait a few extra seconds wondering if it worked before we run back over to check it out.  Then you see us jumping up and down because we realize that we have indeed caught said moment!  Pure joy!  LOL!  Even though it's not centered, it's still a great photo worthy of our craziness to get :)


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