Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hot Cocoa Wraps using Whoo's Your Valentine

    I hope you all aren't getting sick of seeing Clementine! :)  It's my newest obsession and you're all just going to have to ride it out with me! LOL!  I also used the adorable Whoo's Your Valentine stamp set!!  Click here to get yours!

    This is a Hot Cocoa Wrap!  I make these bad boys for craft fairs, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, raffles, etc.  I was hoping to be up and ready to create a video to show how to make one but unfortunately that just hasn't happened yet.  But I'll give you the dimensions!  It's so super easy to make!

                  1.  Start with a 12"x 3 1/2" cardstock base. (You can use patterned paper here too but I       choose to use cardstock for the durability.)
                  2.  Next you'll score it width wise at 1/2", 5 1/2", and 6 1/2".  Like this:

                  3.  Then simply use your bone folder to fold at your score lines creating your wrap!
                  4.  Then you can decorate the front to your hearts content!  
                  5.  For the hot cocoa I use the individual packs of Land O' Lakes Hot Chocolate (usually   chocolate mint flavored-yum!!) for the inside.  As you can see in the picture I staple the top flap to close it.  I literally fold down the top part of the cocoa pack and staple through the flap and the hot cocoa flap so that it won't be going anywhere!
                  6.  I NEVER leave the back of a project unfinished hahaha!  So I usually stamp a to/from  on the back with a little graphic.  In this case a small heart!  

Then you can tie ribbon around the front  cover and you're all set!  Easy peasy as my daughter likes to say :)
Click Here to order the adorable Clementine paper pack and to get the quickly vanishing Whoo's Your Valentine kit!  This kit is only $10 with a $35 purchase!  That's an AMAZING deal!


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